Solutions for Doctors

Customized clinical work flow that benefits everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.

Benefits for Doctors

Bleen® manages over 2,400,000 appointments annually.

Bleen® delivers customized clinical work flow based on your unique appointment rules/mix, supports your practice model, and meets patient expectations with regards to healthcare access and quality of service.

  • More timely & efficient clinical consultations

  • Supports timely access models

  • Integrates with your practice group members 

  • Rapidly fill cancellations and no-shows

  • Free service

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Photo of Julie Lessard, Bleen® clinic coodinator

“Since the Bleen® system was implemented, I’ve noticed that the atmosphere in our waiting room has become much more relaxed.  Each morning and throughout the day patients come in gradually; and with consultations occurring in a more timely manner, we are now able to manage our operations more efficiently.”

- Mrs. Julie Lessard
Clinic Coordinator
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Benefits for Clinics

Over 300 clinics have already eliminated their patient line ups and backups with Bleen®.

Managed patient flow that enhances patient experience and frees up your staff for higher value clinic administration such as more thorough EMR implementation, and greater accuracy in accounting & records processing.

  • No more patient traffic jams and frustrated patients

  • No more hectic clinic environment

  • Greater clinic efficiency

  • Enhanced patient experience

  • Fewer crowds and less standing around

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Photo of Dr. Robitaille, doctor at a Bleen® clinic

''No doctor likes to see exasperated patients, lined up for the clinic to open in the morning and waiting to see a doctor. I was impressed when Bleen® presented their phone registration solution for walk-in clinics. The  system makes it simple and fair for everyone. Morning waiting lines are no longer an issue, which  ensures greater comfort  for all our patients and staff. Implementing this technology was easy and worth it.''

- Dr. Robitaille
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Benefits for Patients

Your patients simply register online or over the phone from the comfort of their home.

Patients have a real-time view of all the available time slots for your clinic, whether the clinic is open or closed. 

  • Arrive at the clinic on time and just in time

  • Automated appointment alerts and reminders

  • No waiting in crowded waiting rooms

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Photo of Dr.  Guillaume Langlois, clinical professor

''I really appreciate what Bleen® brings to our patients. Your team revolutionizes the way people have access to health care.  Thanks to you, patients feel their time is respected by not having to line up and wait to see a doctor.''

- Dr. Guillaume Langlois,  
Clinical Professor, Université De Montréal
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Benefits for Communities

Our communities benefit when primary care needs are treated outside the ER.

Both employers and employees benefit when less time is spent away from work.

  • More efficient utilization of healthcare services

  • Reduced cross contamination in waiting rooms

  • Less waiting around in doctors' offices

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Photo of Mr. Thompson, patient and Bleen® user

“I’ve lived in Canada for 12 years now, and the service I received yesterday for my healthcare needs was the best. It was quick, efficient and I was in and out in less than an hour. Thank you!”

- Mr. Thompson,
Patient / Bleen® user
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